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wxyz >> complete bay area news coverage starts now. this is ktvu morning news good morning. it's thursday, march 21st. >> thank you for joining us. weather seems to be getting nicer as we get closer
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>> indeed. highs in the 50s and 60s. westbound 237, the traffic looking good here it's nice and quiet on this road heading out to 101. the morning commute looking good on the bridge. nice clean weather and nice clear traffic over to the peninsula. topping our news, we're following developing news out of san francisco where a power outage knocked out power to thousands of people. paul was there with the latest on how many people are still being affected. >> reporter: good morning. we're told that the last report was about 220 customers without power. crews just left the area. you can see there are burn marks where that live wire landed. they just took the wire out of the area. this part you can see is little, very well lit. you you can see over here,
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there's customers over here that are taking part of the blackout. here's the scene. you can see the base of the pole was burnt and smoldering. it started before 2:00, for some to be the courtroomed reason, some how this live wire fell to the ground and affected the customers. crews have been here all morning long working to restore power and figure out what caused the incident. as of now, it appears no one was injured. it could have been a dangerous situation. we spoke with a rep and they say about 220 customers are without power. it's unclear when they will have their power restored. we're told crews will be here to determine what caused the wire to fall to the ground and figure out what they could do to prevent it from happening in
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the future extra police will be around the high school today after threatening messages were found on facebook. -- a rambling message posted on an anonymous faceback page. happening now, president obama visiting with palestinian leaders in the west bank this morning. the president is holding a joint press conference now we are looking at live pictures this morning. the two men right now are discussing prospects for restarting peace talks with israel. a stark reminder of the violence in the mideast and it happened during president obama's visit. the europe cyprus bank, leaders
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are scrambling to come up with a plan b after the parliament rejected a plan to seize up to 10% of people's bank accounts the atms have withdraw limits. many are expressing anger over the union. back home, happening now, crews in san jose at the scene of an early morning fire at a mobile home park. you've been there since 4:30, what's happening? >> that's about the same time that the fire started here at the manner mobile home mark, you can see that firefighters are still here on the scene, they're able to put out the fire, about 15 minutes ago and now they're investigating. to get more information, i'm joined by reggie williams what appears to have happened? >> the fire is under investigation.
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we have multiple calls of smoke coming from mobile homes some did try to knock on the door and had no answer. there was a fear there could have been victims inside. we requested an ambulance and upgraded our response. we were able to force entry into the mobile home and extinguish the fire >> do we know what started it? >> the firefighters are still in the overhaul process >> it looks like the mobile homes are parked close to each other. i don't know, a lot of people said that it's a very old mobile home park and they had concerns, is it lucky that it didn't spread? >> yeah, it's tightened here and it's hard to get in here and a lot of us had to park on the street there's a hazard of having exposures and we could have had
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multiple fires. as you can see, there are a lot of neighbors out here, firefighters on the scene, they're concerned but the good news is, even though there's damage that nobody was inside and a lot of the neighbors said they seen the owner of the mobile home going to work. he's not hoar but they will get a surprise when they come back. reporting live, channel 2 news police are investigating whether a suspect in the standoff with police was killed by police officers or if he killed himself. when the police arrived, the suspect who was not armed at the time ran inside the house. police say he later smashed out a weather and pointed a shotgun at police. that's when police officers opened fire and it's not clear if that suspect shot back >> it was startling.
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it was like, almost like a tv movie. one of the thingings you see on tv. >> just before 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday, police stormed that house. that fired tear gas and rammed an armerred vehicle. the suspect was found dead inside they know who the man was, they dealt with him before. this afternoon, a san francisco judge will decide whether to release a man who tried to one over police with a cab. he is suspected of stealing a taxi in the pacific heights neighborhood. he drove at them clipping a patrol car. one shot at him but did not hit him. they want the 175,000 bail reduced or dropped entirely so he can reenter a center blasting back to oakland.
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the rocket ship has been a popular site. the ship was designed by an organization of artists funded by private doners the next display has not been determined. >> we all like sal >> just about to go to the other room. i will be back. >> i will be back. >> good morning. let's look at the commute now traffic looking good around the bay area. this is a look at the freeway and it's looking good all the way to berkeley it's a good time to be driving and the roads are relatively dry. it's dry and clear. the morning commute, westbound bay bridge, that traffic looked good with no problems, san jose
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looks good up to highway 17. maybe have to wait until next week before any rain comes back in. there's a possibility. you have to almost believe the ones that say no because that's how it's been there was a breeze, i apologize, i wave the white flag. 30s for a few, but a lot of 40s. the breeze has kicked in especially for sfo and more of a westerly breeze northerly breeze to 17. it's going to be a sunny day, once again, everything is locked in, the northern plains, it's like 15 below in minnesota. light snow continuing into the northeast, look at these systems coming down the plains and all the way down to the deep south.
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that's where the action has been. for us, cool temperatures, 36 in tahoe and 50 in monterey. temperatures here kind of just, it's the transition day. it will be a little tough. tomorrow looks better. sunny, breezy, more of a northerly breeze. 68 in brentwood. 65 in live more. look cool next week. time now is 5:08. two oakland city members, the claims about the bidding process for the redevelopment of the former oakland army base. we told you about tiger woods new love affair what is happening now about the high profile couple and the paparazzi. northbound and southbound
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880 looking good in front of the coliseum. we'll tell you more coming up.
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welcome back. two oakland city council members accused of interfering with a major construction project. the chronical says that council persons told their staff to show favor to one company in the redevelopment of the oakland
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army base. both brookes and reed denied the accusations. oakland's auditor says she plans to send her findings to the fbi and the state fair political practices commission. the commission that set salaries for lawmakers and other officials will consider where they deserve a pay raise. the commission cut elected officials' salaries by 5% during the recession. a survey find that they get the highest base pay in america. six others were paid more atlanta year than brown. they meet every year to determine if any changes should be made to the salaries of the california elected officials the cia may be getting out of the drone business they may no long be involved in drones to carry out attacks
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against terrorists. the drone program is being shifted to the defense department. the idea is to toughen criteria for drone strikes. president obama continues his middle east trip as reported from the washington d.c. news room. president obama just spoke along palestinian leaders president obama there with the palestinian president and that he is very serious about ending division with israel. he is meeting with other leaders today with the goal of restarting peace talks with israel. expectations are still low for any type of breakthrough. president obama wants to hear from both sides and met yesterday with israel's president and prime minister. president obama says there needs to be compromise and a two- state
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solution >> i continue to believe that it is our best and indeed some only chance to achieve the kinds of peaceful resolution of old conflicts but the opening up of new opportunities for peoples on both sides. earlier today, israeli police say that militants fired rockets at southern israel. hundreds of palestinians protested against american policies they burned flags from each country and a picture of president obama. we'll hear more from president obama, it wrapped up moments ago. live in washington, ktvu. the woman accused of kicking a small child in the golden gate park is due back in court. it comes after last week's arraignment was delayed because
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she started screaming and disrupted the court proceedings. she's facing five charges that include felony assault and child endangerment. police say she kicked that small child to the ground for no reason the 26-year-old is facing life in prison without the possibility of patrol. he killed a 45-year-old engineer in virginia during a robbery. the victim was in oakland for a teeth-cleaning appointment before a job interview at google the next day he robbed the victim of $17 and shot him three times. don't be alarmed if you see low-flying planes. the fda has notified the airport that they will test out an
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instrument landing system that was recently upgraded. the low-level flyovers are scheduled for throughout the day. time now 5:16, tiger woods is explaining his decision to share photos of him and his new girlfriend, tiger woods and and lindsey posed together on their facebook pages it was to devalue any first knows of them that the paparazzi would have tried to get. he says they're ruthless and put his children in danger and thought it was the best thing to do. people living in -- both the
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2010 and 2012 trophies will be on display. for his home game, friday, april 5th against the st. louis cardinals. 5:17 is the time back to sal for a look at traffic. >> my book club is april 5th. i think you're going to change your plans >> maybe you think i'm in a book club, that's funny. looking at the commute now, traffic is moving along well as you drive through the area. westbound bay bridge into the city, there are no major problems, off to a good start. we had the wet roads. today, it's been a lot quieter on the roads and it's better visibility all over the place. let's move along and look at san francisco. that traffic is moving along nicely. we're looking at the peninsula
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and the traffic is looking good all over the place driving through into the valley. 101 is off to a good start. probably won't stay this way for long. 5:18, let's go to steve. >> sorry, updating my reservation for my book club >> i see. >> all right. thank you. windy conditions today. high pressure, 29.90. high pressure doesn't like low pressure so it fills it with wind. patchy low clouds. temperatures coming up a little bit, 2-3 degrees. there goes our system. it's zoomed out. you can see everything is going down the coast. more of the breeze, high pressure building to the north. 40s on the temperatures right at 50. no 30s yet but it's close. we'll see if it develops. seems to be all over the place.
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it's a northerly breeze, that seems to be the direction. nationally, again, more light snow, you can see the low there. that's producing through, all the way down to the deep south. that's the pattern. it's been that way for the longest times 30s for us, 36 in tahoe. they're lined up as far as temperatures. for us, it will be sunny, breezy day and what we're looking at is definitely that wind scouring all of the low clouds out and it will be a nice day, just gradually warming up. westerly breeze in place. 58-68. brent wood, santa rosa because of a north wind. it will be a gradual warmup into saturday, most of sunday looking good. most of the europe markets,
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asia markets dropped over the same concerns, one was japan which jumped 1 1/3%. that's because the bank is expected to move quickly to kick start the economy. it's suffering from low-grade deflation. let's check in on our numbers this morning. gains across the board yesterday for the dow. the nasdaq and the s and p and pulling up the latest futures which indicate slightly higher opening for the dow and the s and p. a drop on the nasdaq. more on the stocks to watch. one hit, hp held onto his position. they signal their displeasure over the $11 billion deal. four other board members have been criticized for one of the most expensive acquisitions in
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years. one big tv network getting ready to shake up one of the longest, running tv shows, that could include a change of scenery. an anniversary on alcatraz. what happened on the rock 50 years ago today.
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jimmy fallon, steve allen, the network says it hasn't signed a deal yet with jimmy fallon. no specific timetable for the changes but most of the insiders say it's going to happen before the fall of next year. another lawsuit tied to a teenage sex scandal claiming that the the voice of elmo through a crystal meth sex party for teenage boys he's now the 4th plan to sue him he claimed he had a sexual relationship with him when he was just a teenager. a commercial beekeeper is feeling the sing of bees someone stole 80 of the
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beehives. it's already hard to get bees, cox said this required a fox lift and a flat bed truck when they start stealing entire truckloads of bees, it's a set back >> he will get the $13,000 of the almond growers and he's out about $50,000. unfortunately, these kinds of crimes are becoming more common. today marks a historic anniversary for alcatraz. it was the nation's top security prison for almost 30 years and held inmates like al capone and the bird man of al quatres. now it's one of the most
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popular tourist attraction sal is back and we'll get you moving and get you to where you want to go. the traffic is doing pretty well as you drive through. this is a look at the 280 interchange with 880 and right now the traffic is moving very nicely and there are no major problems, the weather is making for a better commute we have fewer fender benders by a factor of probably 2 or 3. this is a look at 680 passing mission boulevard, it's off to a good start. here's steve >> thank you. a couple 30s up in the north bay. did see a 39, but 40s here, some mid-40s, everyone cooler with the breeze, with i lost the cloud cover. it will be sunny today and breezy, highs in the 60s and 50s closer to the water's edge thank you. allowing knives on planes, that
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infamous policy that has some upset and how they plan to protest it. live in san francisco where a couple is hit in a crosswalk. college basketball in the south bay, the cost of the hottest tickets at the hp pavilion. [ female announcer ] it balances you...
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on the cold side, it will be sunny, i apologize, i just give up here, 60s on the temperatures today. here's sal right now, highway 4 looking good up to the willow pass grade with no problems, the traffic is looking good. the morning commute looking good past the coliseum. time now 5:30. a truck hit two people trying to cross the street. now the police are trying to figure out if maybe the weather was a factor. in san francisco now with the latest on the police investigation. right now, you can see that the conditions are pretty clear
5:34 am
here, last night you could barely see across the street. fog was dense and it happened here off of west portal avenue. a busy but quaint street. investigators say that a pickup truck hit a couple in the crosswalk, while the man was okay, the woman's injuries were more serious. in the fog you have to drive more slowly. the fog makes the ground just as slippery as the rain probably dry 5-10 miles per hour less than what you usually do. be really vigilant with looking into the horizon. the truck driver did stop and stayed on the scene after the crash. police say there were several accidents because of the fog. we're going to try to get more information on the condition
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and get more reaction of those who walk around the area in the heart of west portal. live in san francisco. happening now, firefighters just put out a fire at the mobile home park in san jose. channel reporter joining us now to explain why the fire could have been worse. firefighters are here on the scene, they're in the mop up stage now, the fire happened here at this mobile home park in the rv you're looking at where san antonio and 28th street. a space heater left on may be to blame. heavy smoke was billowing at the manner mobile home park at about 4:30 this morning. they arrived to see the mobile home smoking and had to force entry inside. they initially were not sure if anyone was inside but didn't find anybody and neighbors say the person who lived there had
5:36 am
left for work. they quickly extinguished the fire and had to put a chain saw to go into the walls and to ensure that the fire didn't spark back up. the mobile homes are parked very tightly together and in between both are vehicles as you can see, there's a fear for the mobile home to spread to a vehicle that would spread to another mobile home causing a larger fire. firefighters say that the cause of the fire may be electrical, that's because they found a space heater, the knob was melted off. it could have been a space heater. two men lived inside the rv, neither were home at the time. they are going to arrive back home sometime today to find a big surprise, back out here live, firefighters have put out
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the fire, they're just cleaning up you can see, there's all this debris that they had to pull out and they had to cut into it. it looks like this is a big loss for the person who lived here. also in san jose, police are look for a teenager in connection with two bold robberies, it happened last night blocks away from each other at 19th and san antonio streets he used a pocket knife to rob two different men. both were rushed to the hospital but their injuries are described as not serious prosecutors say that an east bay baseball coach may possibly have had more victims, the 52-year-old is facing six felony counts accused of molesting one teenage boy and secretly
5:38 am
filming another one in a bathroom. he runs a traveling baseball club for bay area teenagers. grief counselors will be at a san hoe they san hoe they high school after the death of a student hit by a train. he was a jr. at lincoln high school who had a passion for music. his life was cut short tuesday. i knew who he was and he was known around campus and everyone was just sad and everything was quiet. >> friends say he often took a shortcut home near the tracks. already warning signs to prevent illegal crossings. it has planned to put up a fence around the tracks before the young man's death. >> 6 people were rushed to a hospital after a multivehicle
5:39 am
crash in oakland. it happened at 94th and international. the speeding driver who ran a red light appears to have been at fault. one of the cars included a mother and her father children. investigators say that none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. the house is expected to approve a stopgap spending bill. the senate approved the legislation yesterday and keeps the government funded for another six months. it does not reverse the cuts that took effect march first and gives some flexibility to agencies on how to make the cuts. time now, flight attendants are planning a protest to allow small knives on planes today. they will pass out leaflets asking passengers to overturn the decision to allow knives on planes. flight attendants asking passengers to sign a petition. allowing small knives will
5:40 am
allow them to look for explosives. controversy on the side of the buses, the new campaign that spreads antigay messages. why it could be trouble for the muslim community the south bay feeling march madness. the hp pavilion will host basketball games today and saturday. the teams include syracuse, st. louis university and mexican state. in the battle between cal and nv >> it's great to be in san jose that is hosted here and we're looking forward to a great evening. >> organizers say there's still a few tickets left, but the best shot may be online. expect to pay maybe a couple hundred dollars for a pair of tickets. they watch more of the
5:41 am
cheer leading than the big game. traffic is moving along well if you are driving throughout the area, there are no major problems, this is a look at 880, northbound and southbound, there are no major problems the morning commute is moving along nicely there's a little bit of a backup in some of those lanes. san jose off to a nice start and today it's dry. let's go to steve. a little breezy conditions, patchy low clouds, i don't think that they will last too long. more of a northwesterly breeze. some in the morning and sunny. san francisco, going 59 today. 46 now, a little cool, high pressure building in. it's high pressure to the
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north, 31 off of crescent city. high pressure in the north, low pressure to the south, just a little bit warmer by inland, that would be the greatest benefit of warming up to get that north wind. you can see cloud cover and it will be clear today. a couple of 30s. 40s for some, 41, 39, most locations though are in the 40s. about mid-40s everywhere else, oakland 50, downtown is 48, san jose 47. and temperatures, not bad down south, it's going to be a breezy day. high pressure building in, you can see everything is scouring out. any low clouds, sunny, breezy, a few morning low clouds, so 50s and 60s on the temperatures,
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today, near average on the highs, it's about where we should be. cooler starting next week. time now, 5:40, the oakland school district voted to close down some of the highest-performing schools. the inappropriate actions by a founder school that forced the district's decision. pope francis, the compromise he once proposed to gay marriage. you can see traffic moving along nicely.
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highs in the 60s. welcome back. good morning. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following now. right now in san francisco, more than 100 people have no electricity in the bay view district. the power outage started about 2:00 this morning when 3500 customers lost power. pg & e is still out on the scene and say they should fix the problem by 10:00 this morning. they're still not sure what caused the outage. firefighters say that a space heater may have sparked a fire at a mobile home in san jose. it started at the manner mobile home park. luckily no one was hurt. president obama is in the west bank this morning, it's part of his middle east trip the president met with palestinian president and held this joint news conference he continues to believe in middle east peace with two
5:47 am
independent states is possible. the u.s. government offering a reward for the capture of two terror suspects. the state department says that they are members of the terror group. authorities believe they may be planng attacks on u.s. interests. he lived in southern california before moving to somalia. both are on the 10 most wanted terrorist list. the obama administration say they're not giving up on the assault weapons ban. it will not be part of gun control debate next month because it does not have the votes to pass it could get a vote in congress as an amendment.
5:48 am
biden is expected to report. pope francis once suggested a compromise to gay marriage. he met with leaders from a dozen different faiths yesterday when he was still cardinal in 2010, he proposed that is church support civil unions as a compromise to legalizing gay marriage. controversy surrounds a new campaign. some say that these ads are antigay and hateful. here are some of the examples, the punishment of homosexuality is the death penalty and homosexuality is ugly they say the ads call the attention to the dangers gays are facing while under islamic law >> what she's doing is trying to
5:49 am
portray muslims and arabs as all being antigay >> they have to run the ads because of freedom of speech. a new survey finds fewer than half of likely california voters support the high-speed rail project at the current price tag. the poll finds 43% of likely voters who were interviewed say 52% supported a bond measure. back then, the cost estimate was $34 billion. a retired sergeant is spear heading a proposal. they asked him to step down. the press democrat says that the recall comes after the district attorney that found he lied
5:50 am
about a 2008 incident where he shot at a man holding a can of pepper spray. three oakland charter schools will be closed this year even after they cut ties. they found evidence that he funneled $4 million in school funding to businesses. the three americans point out they have some of the highest test scores in the district. they beg to keep the schools open but the board rejected their request. a new bakery is opening and people are lining up to get their hands on the famous bread. the new location is on stevens creek boulevard. i always say it wrong. the first one hundred receive a free loaf of boudin bread.
5:51 am
some of the give aways happened outside of the bakery. the prize of free bread is worth $130,000. in honor of the opening, they will donate free bread for one year to the food bank in san carlos. >> you're not the only one. sal is a san francisco native. you hear it both ways >> interchangeably. >> the sour dough bread is pretty good. let's go out and -- northbound 17, now you see what i do, i have these police radios, i heard a enough crash northbound 17, that's first report. unconfirmed we'll try to run that down for you. looking at highway 4 westbound as you come up to the willow pass. the guy who invented twitter
5:52 am
say he modeled it on a police scanner. >> if you're driving in the santa cruz mountains, we had a new crash south, the fire department and the police are on the way. if you drive over the hill and down the valley, it will affect your commute. good morning. low pressure in southern california, los angeles. 30-31. that's going to give us a breezy day from yesterday. the system moved off. skies are clearing, there's patchy low clouds and 30s around. lake port as well. valley ford, looking at the county, i saw 41 mill valley. a lot of 43, 44-degree readings. a lot of 40s, napa, taking a
5:53 am
look. breezy conditions and top to become. southern california builds in, it will scour out the low clouds. sunny and breezy. the only morning team back in the 60s if i'm not mistaken. 60s for many. 67, san mateo. sunshine and warmer weather into friday and saturday, most of sunday and cooler next week. a few minutes ago, the labor department said that the jobless claims edged up slightly. some filed for the first time last week. that's up 2000 from the week before but still near a 5- year low. economists say that the number indicates a slow but steady improvement in the labor
5:54 am
market. youtube sees one billion views a month. google owns youtube and gives it another channel for selling on-line ads. starbucks want to encourage people to buy its bands everywhere it's available. it will expand it's locality program. if you buy a bag of coffee or whole beans at a supermarket, club star, you're going to get reward points and hopes to ad them by the fall it's the first time they offered for purchases outside of his own franchise stores. one of your favorite places, dramatic changes maybe ahead for yosemite why a public meeting could decide if a lot of popular attractions will disappear. sounding the alarm on whether california is any closer to having an earthquake warning
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it would ban bicycles in the yosemite valley. swimming pools at the lodge and the hotel would be turn out and rafting rentals would end. it comes in response to years of lawsuits demanding the popular park be restored to its natural setting the south bay, northbound 280 looks good. the traffic conditions are better today than they were yesterday because the roads are not wet. it looks good. traffic looks good. again, we i -- ther

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